removing asbestos cement sheet yourself. yay or nay?

Q : I have a large bungalow in my back garden that probably dates back to the 1950s. It seems sound enough so I want to convert it into a playhouse for the kids. How should I remove the damaged Asbestos Cement (AC) sheet from the walls.

A : NAY! You shouldn’t. Asbestos removal is a DDIY job. Don’t do it yourself.

Many materials considered safe in the past have since found to be health hazards - asbestos is one of them. Asbestos was incorporated into a variety of building products prior to 1983, the most common being asbestos cement sheet or “fibro”. AC sheet was commonly used as wall cladding, roofing, interior panelling and eaves lining. The asbestos in these products is usually embedded in the sheet but if the sheets start to weather or break, the harmful fibres can be released. In this case, removal of the sheeting would be wise, however, it should only be done by professionals. The will wear protective clothing, take care not to break the sheets and securely wrap them for proper disposal.

The best advice? Contact AGA and ask about our basic, independent, Architects Advice Service. We will check out the roof to see if it needs replacement as well and will also prepare a scope of works that will assist you in getting three equitable quotes from licensed asbestos removal contractors or any other contractor required to properly (and safely) complete all work you need. Contact us here.